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Belgium (BE)

Rating OpenCorporation: 16.31 su 100

Ranking 2018: 602 su 504 aziende

Classificazione NACE primaria e secondaria:
• Manufacture of other inorganic basic chemicals (2013)
• Manufacture of other chemical products nec (2059)

Descrizione dell'azienda

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This company, with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, is involved in the manufacture of inorganic chemicals, fine chemicals, plastics converting, PVC and natural organic products. It was founded in 1892. The group's principal activities are carried out in three primary segments: Chemicals, Specialties and Plastics converting. Its Chemicals comprises of three business units: Inorganics, Chlor-alkali and PVC. Inorganics include animal feed and fertilizers for use in dry areas and for highly sensitive crops such as vegetables, fruit, flowers and tobacco. Its specialties include the business units--Fine Chemicals, Gelatin and Natural Derivatives which include organic chlorine derivatives that are used in industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. Its Gelatin activity, on the other hand, includes formulation and production of ingredients and additives for the food products industry while Plastic converting business units include plastic pipes, fittings and compounds. The company's brand names are ATS-Thio-Sul, KTS, CaTs and MagThio. It is the world's second largest manufacturer of potassium sulphate. The group ranks second in the world market, and first in the European market, for animal feed phosphates. In addition, it is the world's largest producer of liquid sulphur fertilizers (including ammonium thiosulphate, potassium thiosulphate, calcium thiosulphate and magnesium thiosulphate). The group is committed to further expand its business, principally through innovation and acquisitions of companies and to continue demonstrating the legitimacy of its industrial and financial coherence by constantly adjusting its resources to the structures, internal processes and working methods of all interested parties. The company's production sites for inorganic and chlore-alkali are situated in Ham and Tessenderlo (Belgium), in Europe and in Phoenix, Arizona (North America) while PVC products are manufactured in Belgium, in Beek (Netherlands) and in Mazingarbe (France). Its production sites for fine chemicals are in Lianyugang (China), Tessenderlo (Belgium), Maastricht (Netherlands), Leek and Widnes (United Kingdom) and Milan (Italy). Its pharmaceutical industries are located in Calais and Loos (France), Treviglio (Italy) and in Tessenderlo (Belgium). Its gelatin production processes also occurs in Vilvoorde and Nienburg (Belgium), Santa Fe (Argentina), Treforest (Wales) and Davenport (USA). Its production of food ingredients and additives as well as natural derivatives takes place in France. For the plastic conversion, the production units for PVC are in Oakmont (Pennsylvania), Quebec (Canada), Clerval (France) and Oeselgem (Belgium), while the plastic pipes and fittings are produced in Steenwijk (Germany), Overpelt (Belgium), Jelcz Laskowice (Poland) and in Quincieux and Sainte-Austreberthe in Hesdin (France). Its compound products are manufactured in Strasbourg and Tiffauges (France) and in Sochaczew (Poland). The company is also active in South America and other parts in the world. The company's business partner is BC Vilvoorde. The company is a member of IFP (Inorganic Feed Phosphates) Organization, Emfema Organization, APIC (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Committee), VAL-I-PAC, FCIB (Association of Executives in Finance, Credit and International Business) and EFES (EUROPEAN FEDERATION OF EMPLOYEE SHARE OWNERSHIP).

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