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Jersey (United Kingdom) (GB)

Rating OpenCorporation: 10.93 su 100

Ranking 2018: 1112 su 504 aziende

Classificazione NACE primaria e secondaria:
• Wholesale of hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and supplies (4674)
• Wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment (4673)

Descrizione dell'azienda

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This company is the world's largest trade distributor of heating and plumbing products to the professional market and a leading supplier of building materials. The company was founded in 1887 by Frederick York Wolseley. The registered head office of the company is located in St Helier, United Kingdom. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol WOS.The company primarily purchases pre-assembled products such as industrial pipes, valves and fittings, plumbing supplies, heating and ventilation equipment, and lumber and building materials. The company distributes and supplies products in four main categories: plumbing, heating and air conditioning (baths, showers and accessories, radiators and valves, sanitaryware, hot water, brassware, bathroom furniture, cylinders and flues, control equipment, boilers and burners, heat pumps and solar equipment, ventilation/air conditioning equipment, heat pumps and solar equipment, plastic pipes and fittings, copper tubing and fittings); building materials (insulation, timber products, plaster and plasterboard, roofing materials, doors and frames, glass, bricks and blocks, beams and trusses, tiles and flooring, hardware and tools, cement); electrical (cables and accessories, lighting, controls and switchgear, data networking supplies, wiring accessories, cable management); and civil/waterworks, industrial and commercial (drainage pipes and associated supplies, small bore pressure pipes and fittings, underground pressure pipes, carbon and stainless steel pipes, valves and fittings).The company's strategy is to grow profitably faster than its competition. It aims to gain a greater share of its existing customers' business in every branch and to gain new customers by providing them with the best local customer service, delivered by the best branch staff in the industry and by partnering with the key vendors in the industry. The company is active in North America, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, Austria, and United Kingdom.

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