In the following list you can find information (global union of affiliation, web site, email address and other information) for each national trade union affiliated with ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) or with the main Global Union Federations (UNI Global Union, Industriall, ITF, IUF, BWI, PSI).

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Acv-csc transcom-be UNI - BE All municipal and public service workers trade union PSI - TR Apesma-au UNI - AU Basin-is-tr UNI - TR Bass-tr UNI - TR Bfsu-sg UNI - SG Birlesik tasimacilik çalisanlari sendikasi (bts) (united transport workers' union) ITF - TR Cgt-fapt-fr UNI - FR Chemical, energy and mines workers union - cemwu spsi IndustriAll - ID Cimse-is - turkish cement, pottery and glass workers' union BWI - TR Communications, electrical, electronic, energy, information, postal, plumbing & allied services union of australia - cepu IndustriAll - AU Confederação nacional dos trabalhadores no comércio e serviços [contracs] IUF - BR Contracs-cut-br UNI - BR Cwu-ie UNI - IE Dansk metal - danish metal workers’ union UNI - DK Def - the danish union of electricians UNI - DK Deriteks - leather, weaving and textile workers' union IndustriAll - TR Dev-turi̇zm-i̇ş IUF - TR Djof-dk UNI - DK E tu-nz UNI - NZ F hukatan - forestry, wood and agricultural sectors BWI - ID F3c cfdt-fr UNI - FR Federación de servicios cc.oo. [cc.oo.] IUF - ES Federasi pekerja pelabuhan indonesia (fppi) ITF - ID Federation of hotel, restaurant, plaza, apartment, catering and tourism workers' free union [fspm] IUF - ID
Agaç-is - turkish wood and paper industry workers' union BWI - TR Antic-ro UNI - RO Aspek-id UNI - ID Basisen-tr UNI - TR Bectu-uk UNI - GB Birlesik metal-is - united metalworkers' union IndustriAll - TR Cgsp-t-be UNI - BE Chemical and health indonesian prosperity trade union - kikes IndustriAll - ID Cimse-is - cement, ceramics, pottery and glass industry workers IndustriAll - TR Cntc-br UNI - BR Confederação nacional dos trabalhadores no comércio e serviços PSI - BR Construction workers trade union of turkey PSI - TR Cpsu-au UNI - AU Cwu-uk UNI - GB Dbssu-sg UNI - SG Deniz çalisanlari dayanisma dernegi (dad-der) marine employees’ solidarity association (mesa) ITF - TR Dev saglik-is-tr UNI - TR Disk/tekstil - textile workers' union IndustriAll - TR Dock, maritime, shipyard and warehouse workers' union of turkey (li̇man-i̇ş) ITF - TR Energy, industry and mining public sector union PSI - TR F-kui - federation of construction, informal and general workers BWI - ID Fecomerciarios-mg-br UNI - BR Federasi buruh transportasi dan pelabuhan indonesia (fbtpi) ITF - ID Federasi serikat pekerja kimia, energy partambangan, minyak, gas bumi dan unum - fsp kep IndustriAll - ID Federation of indonesian cement workers' union IndustriAll - ID
161 unions
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