In the following list you can find information (global union of affiliation, web site, email address and other information) for each national trade union affiliated with ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) or with the main Global Union Federations (UNI Global Union, Industriall, ITF, IUF, BWI, PSI).

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Accord-uk UNI - GB Afwbwa - adivasi forest wood and building workers’ association BWI - IN Ahpwd & iphcwu - all himachal pwd & iph contractual workers' union BWI - IN Aiboboa-in UNI - IN Aiktms - all india construction workers central union BWI - IN Ainhpcwef - all india nhpc workers' & employees' federation BWI - IN Aisbisf-in UNI - IN Aku - unorganised workers union BWI - IN All india association of inspector and assistant superintendent posts PSI - IN All india cement employees' federation IndustriAll - IN All india national life insurance employees federation PSI - IN All india nhpc supervisors' & officers' association PSI - IN Andhra pradesh vyavasaya vruthidarula union [apvvu] IUF - IN Artee-in UNI - IN Auto, taxi & private sector transport workers hms federation ITF - IN Bambai mazdoor union ITF - IN Bms-gujarat - construction workers’ union BWI - IN Bnkmu - construction workers' union BWI - IN Calcutta port shramik union ITF - IN Chemical mazdoor federation of india - cmfi IndustriAll - IN Clu - construction labour union BWI - IN Connect trade union IndustriAll - IE Cwu-uk UNI - GB D.t.c. employees congress ITF - IN Danmu - delhi unorganised construction workers' union BWI - IN
Acms - building, wood and forestry workers union BWI - IN Ahbwu - azad hind building workers union BWI - IN Aibobef-in UNI - IN Aicef - all india cement employees federation BWI - IN Ainef-in UNI - IN Ainlief-in UNI - IN Akhil bhartiya sinchai karmachari mahasangh PSI - IN Aleba-lu UNI - LU All india cantonment board employees federation PSI - IN All india census employees association PSI - IN All india nestlé workers federation IUF - IN All india railwaymen's federation ITF - IN Apvvu - andhra pradesh vyvasaya vruthidarula union BWI - IN Aseb-ch UNI - CH Aviation industry employees' guild ITF - IN Basf india worker's federation IndustriAll - IN Bms-punjab - brick kiln workers’ union BWI - IN Brwf - building and road workers' federation BWI - IN Cfbwu - construction forestry brick and wood workers' union BWI - IN Chennai container terminal employees union (ccteu) ITF - IN Cnv vakmensen-nl UNI - NL Ctf - national confederation of forestry workers BWI - IN D.t.c. employees congress PSI - IN Dairy employees federation of india [defoi] IUF - IN Delhi state electricity workers union PSI - IN
175 unions
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