In the following list you can find information (global union of affiliation, web site, email address and other information) for each national trade union affiliated with ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) or with the main Global Union Federations (UNI Global Union, Industriall, ITF, IUF, BWI, PSI).

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Antic-ro UNI - RO Batumi seaport's trade union ITF - GE Belarussian trade union of transport and communications' workers ITF - BY Communication workers' union of russia ITF - RU Cwu-ru UNI - RU Employees of local and central public administration PSI - RO Energy and elektrotechnical industry workers' union - eeiwu IndustriAll - UA Federal union of air traffic controllers of russia ITF - RU Federatia nationala a sindicatelor din chimie-petrochimie - lazar edeleanu IndustriAll - RO Federatia nationala a sindicatelor portuare (fnsp) ITF - RO Federatia sindicatelor - gaz romania PSI - RO Federatia sindicatelor libere din chimie si petrochimie fslcp IndustriAll - RO Federatie nederlandse vakbeweging (fnv) UNI - NL Fédération nationale des syndicats de l'électricité univers PSI - RO Federation of trade unions of public administration PSI - RO Federation of transport, transloc and public services - atu romania ITF - RO Fgs - general union federation familia BWI - RO Fsc-ro UNI - RO Fshr-ro UNI - RO Fspc-ro UNI - RO Georgian agriculture, commercial and industry worker's trade union [gaciw] IUF - GE Georgian seafarers' union ITF - GE Giuwcst-ge UNI - GE Hgwu-hu UNI - HU Industriegewerkschaft bergbau, chemie, energie - ig bce IndustriAll - DE
Aviation radar, radionavigation and communication workers' union of russia ITF - RU Belarusian independent trade union ITF - BY Cnv vakmensen-nl UNI - NL Confederacy of civil servants' trade unions of romania PSI - RO Dockers' union of russia ITF - RU Energy and electrical engineering industry workers union PSI - UA Fair-mediasind-ro UNI - RO Federaţia naţională a sindicatelor din agricultură, alimentaţie, tutun, domenii şi servicii conexe “agrostar” [agrostar] IUF - RO Federaţia naţională a sindicatelor din industria alimentară, a băuturilor, tutunului şi ramuri conexe “sindalimenta” [sindalimenta] IUF - RO Federatia sindicala a siderurgistilor metarom - fss-metarom IndustriAll - RO Federatia sindicatelor - uniconf IndustriAll - RO Federatia sindicatelor libere si independente - petrol - energiepetrom - energie IndustriAll - RO Fédération de l’industrie manufacturière (csn) IndustriAll - CA Federation of trade union of the workers of chemical industry and energy resources - fscre IndustriAll - MD Federation of transport and public services PSI - RO Fédération syndicale médico-sanitaire PSI - RO Fsab-ro UNI - RO Fscr - federation of cement workers' unions of romania BWI - RO Fslil - federation of free trade union in the wood industry BWI - RO Gas facilities workers of ukraine PSI - UA Georgian railway workers new trade union ITF - GE Georgian trade union of energy workers - gtuew IndustriAll - GE Health, pharmaceutical and social care workers' independent trade union PSI - GE Industriall-bns IndustriAll - RO Krajowa sekcja pracowników transportu lotniczego i obsługi lotniskowej nszz solidarność - the national section of air transport workers and airport workers nszz solidarność ITF - PL
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