In the following list you can find information (global union of affiliation, web site, email address and other information) for each national trade union affiliated with ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) or with the main Global Union Federations (UNI Global Union, Industriall, ITF, IUF, BWI, PSI).

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Acv-csc transcom-be UNI - BE Agro-industrial workers' union of ukraine [aiwu ukraine] IUF - UA Alianza de tranviarios de méxico ITF - MX All-russian life-support workers' union PSI - RU Apesma-au UNI - AU Asociación sindical de pilotos aviadores ITF - MX Aspek-id UNI - ID Automobile and farm machinery workers' union of russia - afw IndustriAll - RU Bectu-uk UNI - GB Cgt-fapt-fr UNI - FR Chemical and petrochemical workers' union IndustriAll - UA Commercial, stevedoring, agricultural and allied workers union [csaawu] IUF - ZA Communications, electrical, electronic, energy, information, postal, plumbing & allied services union of australia - cepu IndustriAll - AU Cpsu-au UNI - AU Cwu-ua UNI - UA Dansk metal - danish metal workers’ union UNI - DK Djof-dk UNI - DK El & it forbundet PSI - NO Energy and electrical engineering industry workers union PSI - UA F hukatan - forestry, wood and agricultural sectors BWI - ID F3c cfdt-fr UNI - FR Federación nacional refresquera [croc] IUF - MX Federasi buruh transportasi dan pelabuhan indonesia (fbtpi) ITF - ID Federasi serikat pekerja kimia, energy partambangan, minyak, gas bumi dan unum - fsp kep IndustriAll - ID Federation of indonesian cement workers' union IndustriAll - ID
Agro-industrial workers' union of the russian federation [aiwu] IUF - RU Agrupación sindical única de trabajadores y empleados de la industria gastronómica, hoteles, moteles, bares, centros nocturnos, recreativos y conexos del d.f. [asutigh] IUF - MX All-russian "electric trade union" (aretu) IndustriAll - RU Antic-ro UNI - RO Asociación sindical de oficiales de máquinas de la marina mercante nacional ITF - MX Asociación sindical de sobrecargos de aviación de méxico ITF - MX Automobile and agricultural machinery workers' union IndustriAll - UA Aviation radar, radionavigation and communication workers' union of russia ITF - RU Cgsp-t-be UNI - BE Chemical and health indonesian prosperity trade union - kikes IndustriAll - ID Chemical, energy and mines workers union - cemwu spsi IndustriAll - ID Communication workers' union of russia ITF - RU Contcop-br UNI - BR Cwu-ru UNI - RU Cwu-uk UNI - GB Def - the danish union of electricians UNI - DK Dockers' union of russia ITF - RU El & it-no UNI - NO Energy and elektrotechnical industry workers' union - eeiwu IndustriAll - UA F-kui - federation of construction, informal and general workers BWI - ID Federación de sindicatos de trabajadores al servicio de los gobiernos estatales, municipales e instituciones descentralizadas de los estados unidos mexicanos PSI - MX Federal union of air traffic controllers of russia ITF - RU Federasi pekerja pelabuhan indonesia (fppi) ITF - ID Federation of hotel, restaurant, plaza, apartment, catering and tourism workers' free union [fspm] IUF - ID Federazione italiana dei lavoratori del commercio alberghi mense e servizi [filcams-cgil] UNI - IT
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