In the following list you can find information (global union of affiliation, web site, email address and other information) for each national trade union affiliated with ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) or with the main Global Union Federations (UNI Global Union, Industriall, ITF, IUF, BWI, PSI).

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Accg-fgtb-be UNI - BE Acod cultuur-be UNI - BE Act-il UNI - IL Acv - transcom ITF - BE Acv puls ITF - BE Acv-csc bouw - industrie & energie (acv-bie) IndustriAll - BE Acv-csc transcom-be UNI - BE Agaç-is - turkish wood and paper industry workers' union BWI - TR Akademikerförbundet ssr PSI - SE Algemeen belgisch vakverbond - abvv-metaal IndustriAll - BE All japan water supply workers union PSI - JP All-japan prefectural and municipal workers union (jichiro) ITF - JP All-russian "electric trade union" (aretu) IndustriAll - RU Alu - associated labor unions BWI - PH Asociación del personal jerárquico del agua y la energía PSI - AR Asociación nacional de empleados judiciales PSI - CR Asociación nacional de empleados públicos y privados PSI - CR Asociación nacional de profesionales en enfermería PSI - CR Aspek-id UNI - ID Associated marine officers' and seamen's union of the philippines ITF - PH Autonomous trade union in power industry, chemistry and non-metal industry of croatia - ekn IndustriAll - HR Autonomous trade union of workers employed in public utilities and related services in croatia PSI - HR Bibliotheca alexandrina staff union PSI - EG Btb-abvv-be UNI - BE Central de trabajadores de la salud PSI - NI
Aciw - association of construction and informal sector workers BWI - PH Acod/cgsp telecom vliegwezen/aviation ITF - BE Acv - openbare diensten ITF - BE Acv puls UNI - BE Acv-bie - acv building, industry and energy union BWI - BE Acv-csc metea IndustriAll - BE Acv-transport en communicatie IndustriAll - BE Aic-mopt - association civil engineers of the ministry of public works and transport BWI - CR Aleba-lu UNI - LU All japan prefectural and municipal workers union PSI - JP All-japan federation of transport workers' unions unyu-roren ITF - JP All-japan seamen's union (jsu) ITF - JP Alliance of government workers in the water sector PSI - PH Alu-ph UNI - PH Asociación del personal superior de empresas de energía PSI - AR Asociación nacional de empleados públicos de honduras PSI - HN Asociación nacional de enfermeras/os auxiliares de honduras PSI - HN Asociación paraguaya de enfermería PSI - PY Associated labor unions ITF - PH Associated philippine seafarers' union, apsu (alu-tucp) ITF - PH Autonomous trade union of energy and petrochemistry workers of serbia IndustriAll - RS Belgische transportarbeidersbond union belge du transport et de la logistique ITF - BE Bmrcpi-nfl-ph UNI - PH Byggnads - swedish building workers' trade union BWI - SE Centrale alimentation-horeca-services - fgtb-horval / centrale van de voeding-horeca-diensten - abvv horval [abvv - fgtb horval] IUF - BE
437 unions
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