In the following list you can find information (global union of affiliation, web site, email address and other information) for each national trade union affiliated with ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) or with the main Global Union Federations (UNI Global Union, Industriall, ITF, IUF, BWI, PSI).

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Agaç-is - turkish wood and paper industry workers' union BWI - TR Aleba-lu UNI - LU All japan water supply workers union PSI - JP All-japan federation of transport workers' unions unyu-roren ITF - JP All-japan seamen's union (jsu) ITF - JP Asociación nacional de empleados públicos y privados PSI - CR Association of estonian energetics workers trade unions PSI - EE Basisen-tr UNI - TR Birlesik metal-is - united metalworkers' union IndustriAll - TR Ceppwawu-za UNI - ZA Cimse-is - turkish cement, pottery and glass workers' union BWI - TR Conatig-br UNI - BR Council of chemical workers' unions - karoken IndustriAll - JP Ctwu-tw UNI - TW Deniz çalisanlari dayanisma dernegi (dad-der) marine employees’ solidarity association (mesa) ITF - TR Dev saglik-is-tr UNI - TR Disk/tekstil - textile workers' union IndustriAll - TR Dnpwu-jp UNI - JP Eesti metallitöötajate ametiühing (estonian metalworkers' federation) IndustriAll - EE Energy services union PSI - IE Estal-ee UNI - EE Estonian seamen’s independent union ITF - EE Fcmw - federation of construction and mines workers (sek) BWI - CY Federación de servicios a la ciudadania de comisiones obreras - fsc-ccoo IndustriAll - ES Federatie nederlandse vakbeweging (fnv) UNI - NL
Aic-mopt - association civil engineers of the ministry of public works and transport BWI - CR All japan prefectural and municipal workers union PSI - JP All municipal and public service workers trade union PSI - TR All-japan prefectural and municipal workers union (jichiro) ITF - JP Asociación nacional de empleados judiciales PSI - CR Asociación nacional de profesionales en enfermería PSI - CR Basin-is-tr UNI - TR Bass-tr UNI - TR Birlesik tasimacilik çalisanlari sendikasi (bts) (united transport workers' union) ITF - TR Cimse-is - cement, ceramics, pottery and glass industry workers IndustriAll - TR Cnv vakmensen-nl UNI - NL Construction workers trade union of turkey PSI - TR Cpwu-tw UNI - TW Cychlu-tw UNI - TW Deriteks - leather, weaving and textile workers' union IndustriAll - TR Dev-turi̇zm-i̇ş IUF - TR Ditmanson medical foundation chia-yi christian hospital corporate union PSI - TW Dock, maritime, shipyard and warehouse workers' union of turkey (li̇man-i̇ş) ITF - TR Eesti transpordi- ja teetöötajate ametiühing (estonian transport & road workers trade union) ITF - EE Energy, industry and mining public sector union PSI - TR Estonian industry workers' federation IndustriAll - EE Etka-ee UNI - EE Federación de servicios a la ciudadanía de ccoo PSI - ES Federación nacional de trabajadores de la agroindustria, gastronomía, hotelería y afines [fentragh] IUF - CR Fédération cfe-cgc energies IndustriAll - FR
203 unions
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