In the following list you can find information (global union of affiliation, web site, email address and other information) for each national trade union affiliated with ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) or with the main Global Union Federations (UNI Global Union, Industriall, ITF, IUF, BWI, PSI).

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Ab-ar UNI - AR Accord-uk UNI - GB Aebu-uy UNI - UY Ainef-in UNI - IN All japan prefectural and municipal workers union PSI - JP All malayan estates staff union [amesu] IUF - MY All-japan prefectural and municipal workers union (jichiro) ITF - JP Alliance du personnel professionnel et technique de la santé et des services sociaux PSI - CA Amalgamated union of seafarers, hong kong ITF - HK Amco-my UNI - MY Anebre-co UNI - CO Asociación de funcionarios y empleados de la universidad andina simón bolívar subsede ecuador PSI - EC Association of canadian financial officers PSI - CA Bakery, confectionery, tobacco workers and grain millers international union / syndicat international des travailleurs-euses de la boulangerie, confiserie, tabac et meunerie [bctgm] IUF - CA Bass-cy UNI - CY Beverage industry executive staff union peninsular malaysia IUF - MY British airways hong kong international cabin crew association ITF - HK Canadian merchant service guild ITF - CA Canadian union of public employees PSI - CA Ccccwu-am UNI - AM Chemistry national federation - podkrepa PSI - BG Cimbesu-my UNI - MY Cmaw - construction maintenance and allied workers canada BWI - CA Coca-cola beverage korea north labor union [ccbknlu] IUF - KR Coca-cola beverage korea southwest labor union [ccbkswlu] IUF - KR
Abom-my UNI - MY Aceb-co UNI - CO Agriculture and forest industry federation [podkrepa] IUF - BG Aleba-lu UNI - LU All japan water supply workers union PSI - JP All-japan federation of transport workers' unions unyu-roren ITF - JP All-japan seamen's union (jsu) ITF - JP Amalgamated union of employees in government clerical and allied services PSI - MY Amalgamated union of tenaga nasional berhad employees PSI - MY Ame-my UNI - MY Aseb-ch UNI - CH Asociación nacional de trabajadores/as de agua potable y saneamiento del ecuador PSI - EC B c ferry & marine workers' union ITF - CA Basisen-tr UNI - TR Bass-tr UNI - TR Branch union of trade union organizations of miners, metallurgists and jewellers of republic of armenia IndustriAll - AM Bulgarian seafarers' trade union ITF - BG Canadian union of postal workers ITF - CA Cathay pacific airways flight attendants' union ITF - HK Cfbbvabc-pe UNI - PE Cieu - cement industry employees union BWI - MY Ciwu - concrete industry workers’ union BWI - HK Cnv vakmensen-nl UNI - NL Coca-cola beverage korea southeast labor union [ccbkselu] IUF - KR Comité de empresa y sindicato de trabajadores de nestlé ecuador s.a. [cestne] IUF - EC
365 unions
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