In the following list you can find information (global union of affiliation, web site, email address and other information) for each national trade union affiliated with ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) or with the main Global Union Federations (UNI Global Union, Industriall, ITF, IUF, BWI, PSI).

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Accord-uk UNI - GB Agro-industrial workers' union of ukraine [aiwu ukraine] IUF - UA Aleba-lu UNI - LU Atgwu-ug UNI - UG Autonomous metalworkers' union of serbia IndustriAll - RS Autonomous trade union of energy and petrochemistry workers of serbia IndustriAll - RS Bwict/tlsc - thai labour solidarity committee BWI - TH Centrale nationale des employés [cne-csc] UNI - BE Cgsp-poste-be UNI - BE Chemical and petrochemical workers' union IndustriAll - UA Cnv vakmensen-nl UNI - NL Cook and server workers' union [cswu] IUF - TH Csteba-cl UNI - CL Cwu-uk UNI - GB Energy and electrical engineering industry workers union PSI - UA F3c cfdt-fr UNI - FR Federación de sindicatos de trabajadores de la industria del azúcar y sus derivados de el salvador [fesintrainzucades] IUF - SV Federación de sindicatos de trabajadores universitarios de nicaragua PSI - NI Federación nacional de transporte en guatemala PSI - GT Federación sindical de trabajadores de la alimentación y afines servicios y similares [festras] IUF - GT Federación unitaria de trabajadores de la alimentación, agroindustria, turismo, servicio, comercio y conexos de nicaragua [futatscon] IUF - NI Fesc-ni UNI - NI Fesmc-ugt-es UNI - ES Firefighters trade union of serbia PSI - RS First-cisl-it UNI - IT
Acv puls UNI - BE Airports of thailand public company limited state enterprise worker union (aot-swu) ITF - TH Amalgamated transport and general workers' union (atgwu) ITF - UG Automobile and agricultural machinery workers' union IndustriAll - UA Autonomous trade union in power industry, chemistry and non-metal industry of croatia - ekn IndustriAll - HR Bfun-th UNI - TH Central de trabajadores de la salud PSI - NI Cgslb-be UNI - BE Cgt interim-fr UNI - FR Chemical workers union alliance - cwua IndustriAll - TH Confederation of industrial labour of thailand - cilt IndustriAll - TH Csfv-fr UNI - FR Cwu-ua UNI - UA Ela stv-es UNI - ES Energy and elektrotechnical industry workers' union - eeiwu IndustriAll - UA Fabi-it UNI - IT Federación de sindicatos de trabajadores de los puertos y similares ITF - NI Federación nacional de sindicatos textil, vestuario, piel y calzado - fesitex IndustriAll - NI Federación sindical de trabajadores de la alimentación agro industria y similares de guatemala festras IndustriAll - GT Federación sindical de trabajadores salvadoreños del sector alimentos, bebidas, hoteles, restaurantes, agroindustrias [festssabhra] IUF - SV Federatie nederlandse vakbeweging (fnv) UNI - NL Fesitrasmmar - federation of wood, forestry, environment and natural resources workers of guatemala BWI - GT Filpac-cgt-fr UNI - FR First union-nz UNI - NZ Fisac-cgil-it UNI - IT
214 unions
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