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Netherlands (NL)

OpenCorporation rating: 60.2 on 100

Ranking 2021: 26 on 602 companies

Primary and secondary NACE classification:
• Other software publishing (5829)
• Other information technology and computer service activities (6209)

Company description

The company, with registered headquarters in Alphen Aan de Rijn, is a leading multi-domestic multimedia firm engaged in the dissemination of information on tax and legal affairs, business information, medical and scientific data, education and services through print and electronic formats. It is one of Europe's leading professional publishers. The company was founded in the year 1878 when it published its first commercial textbook of nursing in the United States. The company's range of information products encompass traditional and new media formats, and it specializes in creating integrated, embedded, end-to-end solutions designed to improve its customers work processes. Its new media formats include books, journals, loose-leaf publications, CD-ROMs, databases, and customized Internet and intranet-based applications. The company's products and services are segmented into divisions namely: health - a leading role in driving medical excellence that offers a broad array of content and information solutions; corporate and financial services - a leading U.S. provider of comprehensive representation, search, and filing services for corporate legal departments and law firms; tax, accounting and legal - a market-leading provider of research, software, and workflow tools in tax and accounting and in numerous key practice areas in the legal field; legal, tax and regulatory Europe - offers a broad range of customer-specific sources of information, software, and services in 18 countries; education - sets the standard in teaching and learning in the European educational world; and transport services - with operations in Europe. The company's main brands for its Health division include Clin-eguide, Facts & Comparisons, Medi-Span, ProVation Medical, SKOLAR, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Ovid, Boucher Communications, IFI Claims Patent Services, Adis, and Source. Brand names for its Legal Services division include CT, CT TyMetrix, CT Corsearch, CT Summation, BizFilings, and UCC Direct. Brand names for its Financial Services division include Bankers Systems, CCH Capital Changes, CCH Insurance Services, CCH Wall Street, GainsKeeper, PCi, and VMP Mortgage Solutions. The brand name for its Tax and Accounting division includes CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business. Brand names for its Law and Business division include Aspen, CCH, Kluwer Law International, and Loislaw. The company has categorized its brands according to country of operation. Each European country offers a unique product that may not be offered in another country. The company vision is to grow leading positions in core vertical markets, capture key adjacent customer segments, exploit global scale and scope, and institutionalize operational excellence. It is active in the United States, Canada, Singapore, China, Japan, Myanmar, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, India, China and South America. The company's customers include: doctors, medical researchers, bankers, lawyers, accountants, teachers, and education practitioners.

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