Luxembourg (LU)

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Business support service activities nec (8290)

Company description

This company is an enterprise operating as holding company in Luxembourg. It was incorporated in February 1994 and is based in Luxembourg, Luxembourg.The company holds 11 percent shareholding interest in Romanian manufacturer, Armatura. Armatura is a producer of faucets, valves, cast-iron and non-ferrous allies, connected articles as well as non-ferrous alloys in Romania. Founded in Bucharest during 1889, it is the first Romanian valves manufacturing outfit, namely The Water, Natural Gas and Steam Valves Production Company. The company has no other reported subsidiary undertakings.In December 2006, the company, along with other interested concerns, has tendered its intention to purchase the shares of the Association of Employees and Management of Armatura Cluj-Napoca (north-west) Co. Owning 20 percent of Armatura's shares, the said employee association is going to be dissolve in January 2007. Tridelta Heal Beteiligungsgesellschaft SA has registered corporate office at Bld. de la Foire 5, 1528 Luxembourg.

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