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Finland (FI)

OpenCorporation rating: 54.54 on 100

Ranking 2019: 27 on 504 companies

Primary and secondary NACE classification:
• Manufacture of machinery for paper and paperboard production (2895)
• Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery nec (2899)

Company description

This company, based in Finland, operates as an international technology corporation, offering solutions and systems that serve customers in the pulp and paper industry, rock and minerals processing, power generation and other selected industrial sectors. It was created in 1999 through the merger of Valmet, a paper and board machine supplier and Rauma, a company with operations in fiber technology, rock crushing and flow control solutions. Its registered head office is located in Helsinki.The company comprises three business areas: Metso Paper, Metso Minerals and Metso Automation. Metso Paper is the leading full scope supplier of pulping, papermaking and power generation technologies for the pulp and paper industry. Metso Minerals is the world's leading supplier of rock and minerals processing systems. Metso Automation is the world's third largest supplier of automation solutions for the pulp and paper industry.The company has operations in over 50 countries. In Europe, it has production facilities in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Norway and Sweden. In North America, it has production sites in Canada and the United States. In South America, the company has production sites in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru. In Africa, it has production sites in South Africa, and in Asia in China and India. The company also has production in Australia and New Zealand.

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