France (FR)

OpenCorporation rating: 54.32 on 100

Ranking 2019: 34 on 504 companies

Primary and secondary NACE classification:
• Manufacture of industrial gases (2011)
• Manufacture of other inorganic basic chemicals (2013)

Company description

This company is engaged in the production of industrial gases. It supplies oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and many other gases and services to most industries (for example: steel, oil refining, chemicals, glass, electronics, healthcare, food processing, metallurgy, paper, and aerospace). The company was founded and incorporated in 1902. The company has its registered office located in Paris, France.It is the world leader in industrial and medical gases and other related services and is the world's second-largest industrial gas supplier. The company's products and services are organized into four principal divisions: Large Industries Division that offers gas and energy solutions, including oil, gas, chemicals and metals, to large industries through long-term contracts of approximately 15 years; Electronics division, which supplies carrier gases, specialty gases and related services to semiconductor manufacturers; Industrial Customers segment that supplies liquefied gas to companies that use it in smaller quantities, through three to five year contracts; and Healthcare division, which include the sale of medical gases, equipment, and services for hospitals. It is also active in the fields of welding, engineering and construction, aeronautics, chemicals, and diving. The company's welding (welding units, and metal-cutting machines) and consumables (flux cored wire, covered electrodes) business is mostly carried out in Europe through Air Liquide Welding with its brands SAF-FRO, Oerlikon, Cemont, Weldline and Weldteam. In the aeronautics sector, Air Liquide has developed onboard oxygen (OBOGS) and nitrogen (OBIGGS) production systems for planes and helicopters. Air Liquide's expertise in very low temperatures, on the other hand, makes it a natural partner for universities and research centers around the world. The helium-based cryogenic systems is a developing approach towards absolute zero (-273 degree Celsius). Helium-based cryogenic systems are critical for researchers and especially those working on nuclear fusion as a potential energy source for the future.The company is a global leader serving industrial and healthcare customers all over the world. Its objective is to fulfill customers' needs while enhancing its expertise and competitiveness. The company's corporate strategy is focused on achieving sustainable growth through continued economic, social, and human advancement.It has 130 subsidiaries located in more than 70 countries worldwide. The company's global presence allows the company to combine the resources and expertise of a global enterprise with a powerful local presence based on independent customer-focused teams. The company operates in Europe, the United States of America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

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