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OpenCorporation rating: 53.96 on 100

Ranking 2019: 51 on 568 companies

Primary and secondary NACE classification:
• Other mining and quarrying nec (0899)
• Production of abrasive products (2391)

Company description

It is a holding company for the Imerys Group with operations in mining and processing of minerals from reserves worldwide. The company is formerly known as Imetal SA until April 1880. Its headquarters is located in Paris, France.The company was founded as a mining and metallurgy business in 1880, with operations on the extraction and processing of nickel ore. The 1970's were the first turning point, where, a holding company brought the group's companies together under the name Imetal, then diversified and extended its activity. In 1999, the company has divested its metals processing activity and to reflect this change, Imetal changed its name to Imerys.As a holding company, it evolves its business in the management of its enterprises through holding the securities or other equity interests for the purpose of owning a controlling interest or influencing the management decisions of its group. Imerys is organized into three business groups: Performance Minerals & Pigments, Materials & Monolithics, and Ceramics, Refractories, Abrasives & Filtration. Each group has front-rank positions. Imerys operates more than 200 mines and pits and 25 different minerals or mineral groups.Active in 45 countries with more than 250 locations, Imerys is the world leader in adding value to minerals. With more than a hundred facilities in 24 countries, the company actively operates in the regions of Europe, North America, South America, Asia-Pacific and Africa. Its strategy is based on tight management of its activities, sharing the value created with shareholders and handling back cashflow into its group's development.The Imerys Group draws on its knowledge of the properties and applications to mine, enrich and combine these to deliver the required effects to its customers. Imerys' product range includes ground calcium carbonate, kaolin, ball clay, ceramic bodies, calcined kaolin, natural and synthetic graphite, precipitated calcium carbonate, kiln furniture, feldspar, quartz, mica, carbon black, Thiviers sandstone (a natural rock colorant), halloysite, vermiculite, silicon carbide, dolomite, and pegmatite. The products are sold under the following brands: Barralin, Brasmite, Barraleve, Camel-Wite, Carbital, Drikalite, Eckalite, Filmlink, Gamaco, Honcal, InFilm, and Kaopolite. These are used in various applications such as construction, personal care, paper, paint, plastic, ceramics, telecommunications and beverage filtration. The company is focused on the following markets: floor and wall tiles, plastic, porcelain tableware and glazes, industrial additives, paint, sanitaryware, kiln furniture, mobile energy, rubber, sealing and adhesives, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, glass and glass fiber, and catalysts.

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Latest news about imerys sa

21 January 2020 - 12:00

Imerys Group’s Acquisition Of Hyderabad Industries Thermal Insulation Business

Khaitan & Co advised Hyderabad Industries Limited in the deal. Imerys Group acquired Hyderabad Industries’ thermal insulation business for INR 80 crore (approx. US $11.4 million).

Imerys Group (Euro 4.6 billion group) is a world leader in mineral-based specialties. Calderys India Refractories Limited is a wholly owned company of Imerys S.A., a company listed on Euronext Paris.

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