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Colombia (CO)

OpenCorporation rating: 2.21 on 100

Ranking 2018: 2185 on 504 companies

Primary NACE classification:
Manufacture of cement (2351)

Company description

The company, with registered business office in Medellin, Colombia, is the fourth largest cement producer in Latin America, producing 11.1 million cubic meters of concrete in 184 plants every year.The company's core business is the production and distribution of concrete mixes and other materials used in cement manufacturing. The company was established in Medellin on February 1934 by Rafael and Jorge Arango Carrasquilla, Carlos Ochoa Velez, Claudino Arango Jaramillo, Carlos Sevillano Gomez, and Leopoldo Arango Ceballos. Since then, the company has expanded its business to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Panama, and the United States.The company's product portfolio is organized into four main categories: cement, concrete, mortars, and lime. Its cement products include the general use cement, the structural use cement, gray cement for concretes, gray cement for industrial use, and gray cement resistant to sulphate. The company's concrete products include the following types: conventional, accelerated, impermeable, light, for pavements, plastic, fluid filling, and retarded. It produces several types of mortars, such as stucco or plaster, mortar, long life, conventional, fluid structure, plastic structure, light, fluid filling, and by water/ cement relation. Lastly, the lime products consist of quicklime and hydrated lime. Quicklime is a product derived from pure limestone rock calcinations in special ovens at temperatures close to 1000 degrees centigrade. Hydrated lime is commonly used as a whitener of walls of large houses. These limes are marketed under the brand name Nare. The company operates 14 cement producing plants in Colombia, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. It also has production facilities in the US, which can produce 8.9 billion cubic meters of concrete every year. The company distributes its products through a global network of dealers and distributors across North and Latin America. Customers of the company include the construction industry, commercial sector, and home builders industry.

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