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OpenCorporation rating: 53.45 on 100

Ranking 2019: 57 on 504 companies

Primary NACE classification:
Production of electricity (3511)

Company description

The company, based in France, operates as an integrated energy operator engaged in electricity generation, supply, trading, transmission and distribution, with an expanding offering to include natural gas and energy services primarily in Europe. It is one of the leaders in European energy, and a major player in the electricity market in France. It was created in 1946 through a law designed by Marcel Paul; and has its registered head office in Paris.The company has a solid presence in the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. In the electricity sector, it has Europe's largest generation capacity. It operates Europe's number one electricity generation fleet, with installed capacity in excess of 130 gigawatts using all types of energy sources, including, nuclear, thermal, and renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric, wind and solar. In addition to France, the company operates production facilities in the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. It is also active in energy generation through subsidiaries such as EDF Energies Nouvelles, and is involved in projects around the world, in countries such as Laos, Vietnam, China, Morocco and Mexico.The company provides differential and segmented offerings for residential customers, small businesses, large enterprises and local authorities primarily in Europe. It serves 40.2 million customers around the world, in addition to 36.7 million customers in Europe and 28 million in France. The company aims to position itself as a fully integrated European industrial group through consolidating its competitive base in France, building and integrated European group and improving operational and financial performance.

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