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France (FR)

OpenCorporation rating: 16.31 on 100

Ranking 2018: 602 on 504 companies

Primary NACE classification:
Activities of holding companies (6420)

Company description

The company operates as a holding enterprise for subsidiary companies engaged in the manufacture of dairy products including butter, cheese, cream, desserts and animal feedstuffs. It was incorporated in 1980 and has its registered head office in Conde sur Vire, France.The subsidiaries of the company include: Cie Laitiere Europeenne Production et Services, which is engaged in the collection and distribution of milk for the group's companies; Elvir, which processes and commercializes dairy products such as butter and cream; and S.A. Corman, which manufactures butter oil, fat from anhydrous milk, butter for the pastry industry, as well as light butters.Aside from the manufacture of dairy products, the company also manufactures feeds for animals through its wholly owned subsidiary, Sofivo. The company is a subsidiary of Bongrain SA, a France-based company that is primarily engaged in the production of cheese and other dairy products.

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