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United States of America (US)

OpenCorporation rating: 9.46 on 100

Ranking 2018: 1719 on 568 companies

Primary and secondary NACE classification:
• Wholesale of perfume and cosmetics (4645)
• Manufacture of other furniture (3109)

Company description

This company, an Ohio corporation founded in 1971 as Cardinal Foods by Robert D. Walter, operates as a holding company that owns company operating subsidiaries conducting business as Cardinal Health. The company is a provider of products and services supporting the health care industry, including health care providers and manufacturers. The company operates in four segments: pharmaceutical distribution and provider services, medical products and services, pharmaceutical technologies and services, and clinical technologies and services. It delivers integrated solutions in supply-chain management, medication management, clinical services and manufacturing to help customers fulfill their mission of providing better patient care. Its pharmaceutical distribution and provider services segment distributes a broad line of pharmaceutical products and provides pharmacy management and consulting services. It is one of the largest distributors of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies worldwide. Its supply chain services distributes one-third of all pharmaceuticals, medical, lab and surgical products in the U.S. from manufacturers to providers of health care. The company provides a full line of services to improve pharmacies serving retail and mail-order customers, health systems and long-term care facilities. Each day, the company makes more than 50,000 deliveries to 40,000 customer sites, including hospitals, pharmacies and other points of care. The medical products and services segment provides medical products and cost-saving services to hospitals and health care providers. Its medical products develops and manufactures surgical instruments, respiratory care products, fluid suction and irrigation products, surgical drapes, masks, gowns and gloves and surgical packs. The company manufactures more than four million medical or surgical products every day that are used in 50 percent of all surgeries and by 90 percent of all hospitals in the United States. The company's products include Alaris, Pyxis, CareFusion, and MedMined Data Mining Surveillance. Its pharmaceutical technologies and services segment provides technologies and services to the pharmaceutical, life sciences and consumer health industries. Its pharmacy management provides best practices and expertise in managing and consulting with acute care pharmacies, and is one of the largest employers of hospital pharmacists, with 1,000 pharmacists, including approximately 110 clinical specialists. Its clinical technologies and services segment provides products and services to hospitals and health care providers that focus on patient safety. Its Rxe-source, a nationwide remote medication order entry and review service for acute care pharmacies, processing about 3.3 million order lines remotely each year and identifying about 18,000 potential patient safety events. The company's nuclear pharmacy services operate approximately 170 nuclear pharmacies delivering 14 million radio-pharmaceutical doses to hospitals and outpatient care centers every year. Its medicine Shoppe international is the leading franchisor of retail, apothecary-style pharmacies with approximately 1,000 Medicine Shoppe and Medicap Pharmacy stores, including more than 300 pharmacies outside the United States. The company's customers are global retail and mail-order pharmacies, hospitals, medical centers, clinics, physicians, pharmacists and other providers of healthcare. The company is also active in the United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Japan.

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