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OpenCorporation rating: 66.67 on 100

Ranking 2021: 15 on 589 companies

Primary and secondary NACE classification:
• Other monetary intermediation (6419)
• Other credit granting (6492)

Company description

The company, formerly known as ALTAE Banco Privado, is a national commercial bank, focused in the provision of banking and financial services in Spain. The bank was founded in 1997, and has its registered head office based in Madrid, Spain.The bank offers a wide range of banking services including managed accounts, loans and guarantees, and pension plans. It also offers other services such as legal advice, financial guidance, as well as collective investment services.It distributes its products and services through branch offices located in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Valladolid, Zaragoza, Seville, Oviedo, La Coruna, Toledo, and Palma de Mallorca in Spain.

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Latest news about bankia, sa

25 September 2019 - 12:00

Bankia signs UN Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB) together with 130 international banks

Bankia has signed the UN Principles for Responsible Banking raising to 130 the number of international banks supporting the global commitment to climate action and sustainability. These international banks, signatories of the agreement, represent a volume of $47trn in assets, which accounts for a third of the global banking sector. The global agreement requires banks to "publish and work towards ambitious targets" on six different principles, which line up with the UN Sustainable...

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