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Italy (IT)

OpenCorporation rating: 72.55 on 100

Ranking 2018: 7 on 602 companies

Primary NACE classification:
Life insurance (6511)

Company description

This company is engaged in the provision of general and life insurance services. It was founded in 1831. The registered business office of the company is located in Trieste, Italy. The company operates in all classes of insurance, from mass risks (such as personal injuries), highly complex industrial plants, simple policies for family protection to extensive contracts satisfying multinational companies' complex needs. It also offers general and life insurance covering third party motor, fire, personal accident, health, miscellaneous motor, general liability, marine, aviation, theft and miscellaneous damage to property, as well as the life coverage. The company is considered the largest insurance company in the country. It strives to become the leading insurance group in terms of profitability in the major European countries in which the company operates and plays an important role in high-potential markets. The company is active and operational in the country.

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