The project OpenCorporation is promoted by Filcams-CGIL, the Italian Commerce, Tourism, Services Workers' Federation, affiliated to CGIL (the Italian General Confederation of Labour).

The continuity and development of the Observatory are financed by Ce.Mu.Centro Multiservizi srl and Centro Studi Filcams CGIL.


Members of the Scientific Committee:

  • Alberto Adobati
    Expert on Communication. Member of Idea Diffusa CGIL
  • Ornella Cilona
    CGIL Nazionale, expert on ESG
  • Davide Dazzi
    Researcher at IRES-CGIL Emilia Romagna, Coordinator of the OpenCorporation research team
  • Simona Fabiani
    Cgil at the national level, Policies for climate, environment and territory
  • Gabriele Guglielmi
    Coordinator of the International Dept. of Filcams-CGIL, expert on TNC and EWC
  • Ornella La Tegola
    Researcher of the University of Bari, expert on diversity
  • Gabriele Marzano
    Expert on Italian and European Institutional policies
  • Antonio Nisio
    Researcher of the University of Bari, expert on business economics
  • Anna Quartucci
    Expert on accessibility
  • Stefania Radici
    Filcams-CGIL, OpenCorporation's project leader, expert on employee involvement
  • Eleonora Rizzuto
    Founder and President AISEC - Italian Association for the development of the Circular Economy, National coordinator for ASviS goal 12 Agenda2030
  • Anna Maria Romano
    CGIL Toscana, Vice-President of UNI-Europa Finance, expert in financial issues
  • Giorgio Verrecchia
    Expert on labor law
  • Michele Carrus
    President of Federconsumatori

Web application, Systems and UI design

The OpenCorporation web platform was designed and developed by ChannelWeb srl and built on the back-end API system BEdita 4.

The technical staff includes: Stefano Rosanelli, Dante Di Domenico, Alberto Pagliarini, Valerio Mazza, Niki Corradetti, Gaetano Presutti and Christiano Presutti.

Projects' history and legacy

The previous implementation of OpenCorporation was funded with support from the European Commission and carried out by FILCAMS-CGIL in cooperation with: UNI-Europa (European Trade Union Federation for Services and Communication) EFFAT (European Federation of Food Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions), FGTA-FO (French Agro-industrial and Services Workers' Federation), FITU FOOD (Bulgarian Agro-industrial Trade Union), FISAC-CGIL Toscana (Italian Federation of Insurance and Credit Workers), Filcams-CGIL Piemonte (regional trade union affiliated to Filcams-CGIL), Filcams-CGIL Milano (local trade union affiliated to Filcams-CGIL).

With the support of: the EWCs of Club Med, Adecco, Unicredit and Autogrill, the Global Federation of Temporary Agency Workers, the European Trade Union Confederation, The Italian Trade Union Confederation CGIL and the Di Vittorio Foundation.

And the assistance of: OPENPOLIS, IRES CGIL Emilia Romagna, ISTUR-CITUB, SZGTI, DEPP SRL.